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    Green Tree Realty, Movement Mortgage and Bridge Title have teamed up to offer every buyer a Free One Year Home Warranty when you purchase your home.  If you were not aware, a home warranty is a great option to have as a new home buyer.  It covers many items in the home at a minimal deductible and helps avoid costly repairs for an entire year and best of all, most of these plans are even renewable.

    We decided to do this for several reasons:BridgeGTRMM

    • To offer protection to you as you make one of, if not the largest purchase in your life.
    • Give you a stronger negotiating stance by including something for free that most buyers and sellers haggle over
    • You deserve it, you are trusting us to help you make this purchase and we want to show our gratitude

    You may be asking yourself:  What do I need to do to take advantage of this?  Where’s the small print?  What aren’t you telling me?

    To take advantage of this offer, you simply need to buy a house.  Although we would prefer you to use Movement Mortgage as your financing company, and Bridge Title as your closing company, this is not a requirement to receive the warranty.  There is no small print, you buy a house, you get a warranty.  What aren’t we telling you?  Nothing, this is something we are doing to protect our clients and customers.

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